Goose Hunt

Goose Hunts take place over peanut, maize, playas and wheat fields within easy reach of Haskell. Our ability to hunt the fields the birds are using is why hunting is consistent even to the end of the season. Upon arriving, the guides and party will set out a spread of full body decoys, floaters or silhouettes. We use padded chairs and ghille blankets A-frame or layout blinds to keep you hidden. Hunters do not dig pits. Hunting will take place until noon or limits are reached.


Goose Hunt/Haskell Lodge– $375.00 Per Day

(No meals included- minimum 5- Max 15)

Goose Hunt/All Inclusive Lodging– $450.00 Per Day

(Meals and lodging included-Minimum 5- Max 24)

Goose Day Hunt Only – $300.00 (Day hunt only-No minimum)

Optional Executive Hunt-$100.00 man/day additional charge (hunters don’t set out or pick up decoys)